Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Top ten teething toys

So for the first “Top Ten Tuesday” I thought I’d cover something topical. Doof has been “teething” for the last 2 months with constant dribbling, intermittent red cheeks and a love of chomping on anything to hand…so far no teeth though!

So here are his top 10 teething “toys”:

1.A muslin – when I was pregnant everyone told me how useful muslins were and to stock up on lots. Good for spit up, moping up food spills, emergency wraps for poop leaks, sunshade on buggy etc etc. No one ever mentioned how lovely they were to suck on – Doof has one pretty permanently in his mouth...

2. Mummy’s hand – not sure if I am tasty or just easy because I’m usually nearby!

3. His fingers

4. Daddy’s arm – can’t believe the hairs don’t put him off…

5. Playmat arches – just odd. Surely there are nicer things to chew than this?!

You can see a theme starting to develop here. All the purpose-built “teethers” that I bought are largely ignored in favour of any/all of the above – useful when we were on an airplane, less useful when out in a café and I want my hands free to eat!

But moving on to actual teethers – sometimes the shop bought ones are used for their intended purpose (other times not!)

6. Nuby BugaLoop teething ring – we only bought this last week after seeing a friend’s baby with one. Instant hit and he loves to chew it. Although if anyone knows why he chooses to chew the spiky hard bits I would love to know!

7. Nuby keys – easy for him to hold, occasionally get chewed but think he enjoys rattling them around more. These can also be put in the fridge which might be useful later on when (I suspect) the teething gets worse :(

8. Plastic balls (bag of 100 from Tesco) – these came as part of a ball pit but he loves to try and eat them. They’re perfectly sized for his little hands and slightly squidgy so he can get good hold of them

9. Sophie the giraffe – a massive hit for everyone else it seems but I don’t think she has ever once made it into his mouth. He enjoys squeaking her and throwing her around but never chews on her. Below is the closest he has ever got… his finest I’m-threatening-to-eat-you look

10. Cooling teethers (loads of different makes, we have a Boots one in the shape of a hand) – I bought the Boots hand one after noticing how much he liked to suck on my hand. Sadly he has not been fooled at all and has no interest in the “fake hand” – teething fail

So there you go – Doofy’s top 10 solutions to teething. If I only bought one item it would be the Nuby ring – less than £3 and worth every penny for when we want to avoid being excessively dribbled on!

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