Thursday, 6 June 2013

Love you? Love you not?

Five "different" (can also substitute "extra special" if so inclined...) ways your baby shows how much he/she loves you:

1. Cries when you put them down for a nap
I was reliably informed a few days ago that this is because they don't want to spend a second away from you, including while sleeping, as they love you so much (thanks @the_doofy)

2. Poops whenever you're holding them
You know the situation - dad has been playing with them for ages, hands baby back to you for 5 minutes while he goes to get something from the car/garden/shop and as soon as baby is in your arms there is a grunt, a wriggle and a very full nappy. This shows your baby feels comfortable enough to poop in front of you (hmmm great) but also that they think you are the best at changing their nappies. And they love you for it.

3. Constantly pulls your hair
This one is quite simple. It's nothing to do with how enticing dangling hair looks, or how similar to a mobile. It is because they love you so much they want to be as close to you as possible and as their hands/arms are too small to reach round tour neck they have to pull your hair instead.

4. Cries when you leave the room
Commonly known as separation anxiety, this one is actually quite sweet (as long as you're not trying to do settling-in days at nursery or leave them with a babysitter...). This just shows, similar to 1, how much they love being with you and how you are the most important thing to them.

5. Throws food during mealtimes
This is true altruism. Your baby thinks the food you made is so delicious thru want to share it with you, even if it means they don't get as much for themselves. A sign of selfless love :)

So what about your baby? Do they have any other unique ways of letting you know how special and loved you are?

I'm sure Doof will develop more ways of demonstrating his love as he gets older. Maybe in a nice simple way like with a hug or kiss?! ;)

(photo courtesy of Mr Doof one snowy night in January)


  1. My boys now tell me how much they love me. It's normally within the same sentence as 'can I have a biscuit' and then their love fluctuates depending on my answer?

    1. Haha it's their version of flattery-gets-you-everywhere/thing. Good for them learning so early ;)