Friday, 23 August 2013

Nursery update (part 2)

So here’s a quick update to our nursery story – a lot has changed since my last nursery post, most of it positive :)

Week 2

Session 5 (afternoon, 2 hours): lasted the full 2 hours!! Woohoo! Was a bit tearful when I arrived to collect him but he’d even managed to have a sleep whilst there which was definitely a positive development!

Week 3

Unfortunately Doof was really sick during this week and actually spent 3 nights in hospital. So he not only missed a whole week of sessions but by the time he went back in Week 4, he hadn’t been there for nearly 2 weeks so I was worried it might be back to square 1...

Week 4

Session 6 (day, 5 hours): so unsurprisingly the first session after such a long break did not go perfectly. I was called back after 2.5 hours as he was just upset, had refused any lunch and they couldn’t cheer him up. Not a good day for Doofy :(

Session 7 (day, 5 hours): Doof did it – he started at 9am, had a sleep, had lunch and had another sleep and I picked him up at 2pm. So proud of how well he did after so much struggling before. I can’t honestly say he looked very happy when I picked him up… but he wasn’t crying (he was just having a big cuddle from one of the nursery staff!).

Session 8 (day, 5 hours): I was at a work course so Daddy was in charge of drop off and pick up today and it all went really well. Doof was even playing by himself when OH went to collect him – first time he was ever not having to be cuddled non-stop by someone! #milestone

Session 9 (afternoon, 3 hours): Another good day, he ate all his tea and was busy shaking a rattle when I arrived to collect him (whilst having his standard cuddles with his key worker!)

Session 10 (morning, 3 hours): Doof is becoming an old hand at this nursery lark now (although he is still far from managing the 11-12 hour stints he’s going to be doing eventually).


So all in all lots of positive developments since my first nursery post. Next week is our penultimate one and he has nursery settling every day, with the longest stint being 8 hours… fingers crossed it all carries on going well as that will definitely make my return to work easier.

The only thing bothering me remains the sleep issue. They put him in a cot once but he woke up when another baby cried so since then they have put him to sleep in his buggy every time. At least he gets some sleep but it means he is getting maximum 45 minutes each nap (so no long nap post-lunch) – probably because he likes sleeping on his side/tummy and moves around a lot when sleeping, none of which he can do in a buggy :( 

I really hope letting him sleep in the buggy so much doesn’t have a knock-on effect and make him worse at settling in his cot at home. And I really hope they try him in the cot again as I don’t want him to always sleep in his buggy for the next few years at nursery!

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