Sunday, 6 October 2013

The little things

Sometimes it's nice to worry about the little things - either because it distracts you from the big things or because you're super lucky and don't have any.

Here are 3 of my current "little" worries:

1. That using this bath chair is going to reduce the likelihood of me ever being a grandmother - have you used one? Doof ends up more and more slouched until his bits are in rather a squidged position... #iwantgrandchildren

2. What do i clean first after a meal - Doof or the highchair tray? If I clean him first then within a nanosecond he's re-smeared his hands in the dirty tray. But if I clean the tray first then he always manages to re-dirty it with his hands/face before I manage to clean them... #needtohave8arms #octomum

 3. That i may be permanently damaging my baby by letting him watch tv. Current studies suggest I am... But if he *does* watch tv then which is worse - mindless children's programmes on Nick jr/CBBC or music videos on MTV? Everyone says music is good for babies and their development, rhythm, motor skills etc. But does that still hold true if it involves watching Robin Thicke prancing up and down surrounded by half-naked girls...? 

The joy of the "little things" is you can chop and change them whenever you like, even daily if you want. So they are guaranteed to never stress you out for too long. As a general rule, if you've been worrying about them for more than 3 weeks they've probably turned into a "big thing"...

So what are yours?

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  1. Oh goodness the little things worry is always chopping and changing here. I also worry about the TV thing. I balance it with knowing that the majority of the time I am entertaining and letting her develop normal baby skills. I rarely put on baby TV tho. Lots of this morning and CSI for my baby!