Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A pound for a pound

Or ten pounds really

So it's the first day of Lent and as well as giving something up I want to give something back.

The "giving something up" is a purely selfish motive as I've eaten way too much chocolate since Iz was born (sleepless nights = massive chocolate need in my book) and I need an excuse to kickstart a more healthy eating regime. So no chocolate/sweets/cake etc as well as starting weekly gym sessions.

But I also want to do something positive, so for every pound I lose during Lent I will give £10 to a charity (added motivation!).

So this is where you come in - if you know any charities that you think are particularly deserving or close to your heart then please comment below. I've got a few in mind already but would love to hear more. 

I'm currently 25lb over my pre-pregnancy weight so that's a lot of charities that I will hopefully donate to :)

I will keep updating this post with number of pounds lost and which charities I've given to.

Thank you for your help xx


  1. That's a wonderful plan! Great added extra motivation. I'll give a shout out to 'The Sick Children's Trust'.

    1. Perfect, thank you! They are now on my list :) and thanks for commenting x