Monday, 15 May 2017

Jelly circles

We did this a while ago but I completely forgot to blog about it. Previously D has had lots of fun playing with frozen shapes, including freeing trapped lego men and animals, so I thought I'd try a similar activity but with a completely different sensory feel. This one was also completely safe for Iz to join in with (even though she was much younger at the time) as all the ingredients were edible.

This was as simple to set up as you probably think! I made up jelly sachets to be slightly more concentrated, only adding 2/3 of the water recommended on the packet. I then sprayed the inside of some cupcake silicone moulds with cake release spray and left them in the fridge until fully set. Then tipped them out into the box we use for sensory play and left the kids to it!

Iz was quite tentative at first and gently touched the surfaces. She was definitely intrigued by the different feeling and looked a bit shocked when her finger suddenly slid right through one! It wasn't long before she was attacking them with a spoon and squishing them between her fingers though :)

Next D got in on the action and was fascinated that he could pick individual circles up, but could also squish them very easily.



And yes, even as a toddler, he still wanted to eat it! I think, however, this might be the first creative play activity that Iz has *not* tried to eat... rather ironic?!

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