Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Final clock update

So here it is - the final verdict after a month of using the *magic* clock...

[you can catch up on my previous posts about it here and here]


I'm not promising miracles for everyone but it definitely has worked that for us! Doof has gone from waking up (and insisting on getting up) at 5.15 every morning to sleeping til 6.45/7!!! Amazing!

Yay for sleeping past 5am!! :)
Sadly we are still rather lacking on the sleep front but that's due to the newest addition to our family and not Doofy ;)
A rare moment of peaceful sleeping...

But thank you rabbit clock for getting our toddler into such better sleep habits! Best £45 I have ever spent... 


Ironically I wrote this post last night during a late night breastfeed. And then Doof woke up at 6.15. Hah! But that is a massive rarity these days AND he stayed in his bed until 7 when the rabbit woke up so I stand by my complete love of the clock :)

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