Friday, 10 October 2014

What is MTV doing to my baby?

As Doof stares open-mouthed at Robin Thicke's blurred lines video I can't help but wonder...

It started out innocently enough. When he was teeny tiny I'd watch TV when doing those long tortuous hour long breastfeeding sessions - perfect for an episode of CSI or Rookie Blue. But then one day I realised I wouldn't want him to be in a room with 2 people shouting at each other, so equally I didn't want him to hear it on the TV.

So I decided we'd watch music TV instead... And a music-TV-addict was born!! Even now any tantrum or sadness can be averted by putting on One Direction's comic relief song... But be aware - not all music videos are PG and some are downright freaky/scary!

There are definite songs Doof likes (he's a bit 2013 I'm afraid!):
Wake me up - Avicii
Roar - Katy Perry
Blurred lines - Robin Thicke/Ti/Pharrell
Burn - Ellie Goulding
Love me again - John Newman
Just give me a reason - Punk ft Nate Ruess
I knew you were trouble - Taylor Swift
I love it - Icona Pop
Dear darlin' - Olly Murs

And there are some bands he loves. At the moment it's mainly One Direction or the Peppa Pig orchestra. I'm not sure which is more embarrassing to be honest...

Equally there are some he doesn't - and when they come on you know about it. From a worryingly young age he would pick up the remote and point it (right way round!!) at the TV. Either to turn it on. Or off if it was *not* a favourite song. And even before he learnt to pick the remote up he became conditioned to smile every time I did!!

With D I had the same good intentions that I think most parents have. Of course they won't watch any TV until they're 3. Or maybe just when they're sick. Or when you really need to get something finished. Or when you've been all night and just need 30 minutes quiet time... Etc etc. My excuses keep coming and in the end I've produced a toddler addicted to Peppa pig and MTV. Anyway we were completely busted a few months ago when grandparents came to visit for the afternoon. Of which D spent a large proportion pointing desperately at the (dark and silent off) TV and saying "arghhhh" repeatedly. Oops.

Iz on the other hand has watched TV since she was born (second sibling syndrome!). Will be interesting to see how she turns out... :)

Hang on, this is the wrong remote! Who put this here?!

Bah! Caught in my stealth approach to get as close to the magic box as possible!

I've got the remote and I'm not afraid to use it...

Where's that One Direction CD gone?!

Sshhhhh I'm watching One Direction

Why isn't the TV on?!

What songs does your little one like? Have you got a future rock god or pop princess? And do you censor what music videos you let them watch?!

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