Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Which double buggy is best??

Double the trouble... 

I wrote this post when Iz was still pretty little and D was about 2. Since then both of them have (obviously!) got a lot bigger and we quickly ran into problems as the tandem buggies are much harder to manoeuvre on/off buses etc - essential for me doing day trips with them as I don't drive in London. So when Iz was about 4 months old we sold this one and bought a Phil-n-Teds Navigator 2.0 and still to this day love it. So much easier to push/lift etc. Still similar downside of too little basket space, but otherwise wish we'd just bought this one to start with!

So this summer we had the unenviable task of choosing a double buggy - suitable for a newborn and a nearly-2-year-old. Living in London means space is a massive premium but so is ease-of-use as I use public transport a lot and like to be out and about. 

There are a LOT of doubles out there - front/back, side/ side, top/bottom - and any other crazy combination of these combined. In the end we took the simple way out with a visit to Kiddicare and choosing their newest (and handily cheapest!) double - Kiddicare Codi Tandem Pixel Olive (click here to view).

But for what was a pretty impulsive buy, I couldn't be happier. It has ended up being perfect for what we need. Here's why:

1. It's narrow

As the seats are behind each other it is the same width as a single buggy. So no problems with getting it through doors, in/out of shops, fitting on the bus etc. And don't you always feel really sorry for the "underneath" child in the stacked buggies like Phil'n'Teds with their bottom scraping on the kerb?! Or for the "on top" child once the underneath one realises they can kick upwards... no problems like that with this buggy :)

2. The toddler likes it

D is now vocal enough that we would know if something did not get his seal of approval... Luckily this one does. 

Perfect for firing a bubble gun from :)

3. The baby is well-protected

Iz lies at the back, nearest to me and well covered from the elements. It's almost like a little cocoon which is definitely a plus when trying not to over-stimulate a baby!

And you don't need to buy all the other "extras" that seem mandatory with other brands - carrycots, cocoons, adapters etc - as it lies flat and has a padded insert included. You just need the buggy :)

Snug as a bug in a rug :)

4. The "spy holes"

There are 2 transparent windows - one for me and one for the toddler. D can turn around and spy through his to see what his little sister is doing (but without the ability to poke her!) - he loves reporting to me "ssshhhhhhush" when she's sleeping! And I have one in the hood of the back seat so I can check on Iz without having to stop pushing the buggy and peer in from the front. Even better - my one is covered with a black canvas flap so it doesn't let light in on the baby unless you lift it up.

5. It's not garishly designed

Some people love crazily coloured buggies. I don't. So the simple colouring appeals. And I can even tell myself that the black/white check design is helping stimulate Iz's visual development... bonus!

6. The in-built toddler handle

I have to confess I did not discover this - my toddler found it himself and just started holding it. Not sure if that reflects positively on him or negatively on me! 

Clever toddler!

7. It's very easy to fold up and open

No more to really say here - it's an umbrella fold.

8. It is one of the cheapest options out there

Enough said - babies are expensive enough!!

9. And lastly, it's a physical workout

Ok so some might see the fact that it is heavy and front-heavy when the toddler is in situ as a negative, but I beg to differ. It's the perfect workout to burn off all the extra chocolate-calories that I consume daily during breastfeeding marathons. And much cheaper than the gym :)

And it has passed the all-important test. I am able to get on and off a London bus on my own with it. Perfect. 

Successfully all on a bus :)


So are there any cons?

If I'm being picky my three complaints are:
- the basket is pretty small (the rain cover takes up about a third of the space)
- the canopy covering the baby does not fully cover her so the sun can hit her face - but that easily solved by draping a muslin over :)
- the toddler front seat doesn't recline at all. But if it did then the baby would be crushed... So sorry D but your little sister takes priority on that one!


PS I didn't receive anything for writing this review - Kiddicare don't even know I've written it. We are just really pleased with it :)

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