Thursday, 27 November 2014

Remembering granny

So this summer was a bit of a crazy time. My mum, who been battling cancer for many years, died only 3 weeks before Iz was born. 

As anyone who has lost a parent knows, it is hard without them, no matter how old you are. There are little things you want to ask them or share - how do you test a mango to decide if its ripe? How old was I when I had chickenpox? Look at my baby's gorgeous smile. Etc etc. it's often the mundane things that make you miss them the most. 

I'll always be so grateful for the time she had with D

But this week was my mum's birthday. To be honest beforehand I hadn't thought it would affect me much. I was more worried about my dad. But the evening before I suddenly realised I wanted to do something nice and special with D and Iz and enjoy remembering my mum.

It is only now I have my children that I really realise just how much my mum did for me.

So in the morning we went to their usual swim classes (back-to-back lessons with a baby and then toddler are quite tricky!!) and when they were napping afterwards I made some fairy cakes. When D woke up he helped decorate them. Then we put in two candles and I explained it was for Granny's birthday. The best bit from his point of view was next - blowing out the candles and eating the cakes!!

My little helper :)

It wasn't an amazing cake - far from it. It came from a packet Peppa Pig mix! But for me it was the perfect relaxed way to think about my mum and celebrate her existence whilst spending precious time with my babies. And isn't celebrating on their birthday nicer than on the anniversary of their 'death day'?

So this is going to be our new tradition - to have a slice of birthday cake every year on my mum's birthday. I doubt Doof will complain ;)



  1. How lovely. It is so very hard, and isn't getting any easier at all. I miss my Dad so much every day & as you say it's the smallest things you want to share.
    We've already decided we are going to do something special. Not sure what yet, but we will. Lots of love xx

    1. Oh hun, sending lots of love. It is hard and sometimes the strangest things will make me miss her the most. When is your dad's birthday? I think it's a nice way for the grandchildren to remember them and for us to have an excuse to talk about them :) xx