Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas traditions

Wahoo it's finally December and what better way to celebrate than with a series of Christmas-themed posts :)

Christmas traditions, dens and homemade presents and cards will all be blogged about in the next two weeks, so enjoy!

First up it's our Christmas traditions. Every family has different ones and this is what we're doing this year, and hopefully every year going forwards. They are a mixture of things that either I grew up doing, I've heard about from other bloggers (thanks guys!) or just thought would be nice.


This is something I had never heard of before but lots of bloggers were talking about it on twitter and I think it is a lovely thing. The idea is you wrap up 24 books (either old or new or a mixture) and open one a night in December. We are doing a slight variation as Doof is still too young to properly understand about a “countdown” or 24 days etc – so instead I have got 11 books (thank you Poundland for your awesome selection of kids books!) which I will supplement with books we already have and will start doing it from the day we put our tree up :)

Each kid having a mini tree

I loved having my own mini Christmas tree when I was younger so we are going to carry on that tradition too. I’ll get a mini tree for each of the kids and a few small decorations and they can decorate it as much or as little as they like, adding things on during December as we make more homemade decorations etc.

Three ornaments

I bought these beautiful handmade felt figures from Knitty knotty crafts and each child will be given one on Christmas Eve to hang on the tree wherever they like. Iz will obviously need a bit of help this year…


Exchange handmade cards on 24th

Doof and Iz are a bit young to properly do this on their own yet but I think this is a nice idea. So we’re going to start it this year with me just helping! Each child chooses who they want to make a card for and then spends Christmas Eve afternoon making it. Keeps them out of trouble while you’re doing last minute Christmas prep and someone in the family gets a lovely card out of it :)

Watch “The Snowman” on 25th 

This must be a staple in most people’s houses? I always watched this as a child and think it is a beautifully soft and gentle cartoon – unlike lots of others around today – and will be a welcome respite from Peppa! So on Christmas Day afternoon we will all snuggle down on the sofa and watch it together.

So these are our traditions :) what are yours?


  1. Lovely traditions. We are reading a Christmas book each day (wasn't organised enough to wrap them though!) and we have personalised tree ornaments to go on the tree. Maybe we'll also snuggle up and watch the Snowman - I think though I might still have it recorded from last year :-)

    1. Thank you :) I had the Snowman recorded on our Sky plus up til August when my husband told me not to be ridiculous and deleted it! Lol. So now I've bought it on DVD :)