Saturday, 11 July 2015

Spin yoghurt painting

D is a massive fan of spin art (see here for details) so when I saw this idea on BabbleDabbleDo I knew he'd love it.

What you need:

Large plastic box

First I cut a long piece of paper off our roll (so useful for messy process art like this!) and covered the bottom of the plastic box. Then I got D and showed him how to push a pencil through the middle of a cardboard circle (I just cut some out from the lid of a box we had lying around) to make a spinner.

Then he put some spoonfuls of yoghurt paint onto his wheel

And spun! It was much easier for him to hold the top of the pencil and quickly twist his hand left and right repeatedly rather than actually spinning and letting go like older children/adults can. He did valiantly try that method a few times but always went back to the first way :)

He loved watching the paint spin out and trying to guess where it would splatter next!

After a few tries we discovered the downside of our very makeshift spinners... 

However the pencils coming loose wasn't going to stop our fun and Iz decided she wanted in on the action.

D then emptied all the remaining yoghurt into the plastic box and Iz had some messy yoghurt sensory play :)


Obviously this is art that you enjoy on the day but don't keep longer than that (hmmmm don't much fancy week-old yoghurt sitting around on our artwork wall!) but it's perfect if you'd quite like to try some messy play but don't want to get too messy ;)


When D's a bit older (and better at spinning pens!) we're going to try making pictures with CDs and felt-tips - I saw the idea online somewhere but now can't remember where so if you've seen the original post please let me know so I can link them here :)

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