Sunday, 12 July 2015

The true story

I don't even pretend my life is perfect but I do like to blog about the positives, the upsides of parenting and the nice things I want to remember. There's enough negativity in the world without me adding to it IMHO.

But in case you think my kids always look a bit *too* happy in every photo, here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what happens some of the time... Enjoy!

You think: Ahhhh brotherly love
The reality: A minute later he pushed her over :(

You think: Cute kids looking refreshed after a lunchtime nap...
The reality: Both had completely refused to nap!

You think: Don't they pose so nicely together?
The reality: This was the 853rd pic (or so) I'd taken

You think: Isn't that sweet, D meeting Iz for the first time...
The reality: He ran away screaming the next second (the video of this moment is one of my all-time favourites! Lol)

You think: Isn't he good at posing for pictures
The reality: I pulled a million faces trying to get him to look at me - eventually I put a blueberry on my head...

You think: Her first smile!!
The reality: It was a happy post-poop face and there was leakage through 3 layers of clothes :(

You think: Aww she's making friends with her grandfather's dog
The reality: The next second the dog licked her face and she started crying

You think: Cool cake smash pic
The reality: A moment later he started freaking out about his hands being "TOO MESSY!"

You think: Nice messy play, isn't it good that he's grown-up enough to not eat the foam
The reality: The next second he took a massive bite of it!

You think: Awww isn't she good at feeding herself?
The reality: Five seconds later and the bowl (plus all the food) was in her hair!

You think: How peaceful, a sleeping newborn
The reality: She's peeing as I'm taking this...


Any of these sound familiar?! Have you got any "true story" pictures you want to share?

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