Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pom pom pictures

We did a super simple activity this weekend but both kids enjoyed it (and it brightened up our rather boring windows!).

All you need is:
- sticky back plastic
- a black felt tip (I used a sharpie)
- some pom poms

First I cut the sticky back plastic to just smaller than the window pane. Next I drew a butterfly and snake on the paper side. Once happy with size etc I then traced it through on the see through side.

Then I stuck each piece to a window pane with sellotape, put some pom poms in a bowl and invited the kids to unwrap the "magic paper".

D was much more methodical than I imagined he'd be and carefully placed a pom pom in each diamond on the snake's back. Iz was a bit more haphazard (but no less careful!). They both loved sticking their hands to the pictures and feeling the stickiness.

They had fun taking the pom poms on and off and rearranged the butterfly several times. Each time a pom pom came off it left a little bit of coloured fur on the sticky paper, which made it even more colourful. I love how much they brightened up our boring back wall!

Thirsty work, sticking on pom poms...

After the kids had finished playing with them (had to wait til the next day as they kept going back to them during the afternoon to do more rearranging!) I took off the remaining pom poms and put a piece of white paper on the back and cut out the animals. Now we have 2 beautiful colourful pictures :)


I've seen various ideas on this theme including tissue paper and a really cute one using leaves and grasses foraged on a nature walk (can't remember the blog but will link it up if I find it). I'd love to do one with different coloured petals - maybe next year when our garden's been in full bloom :)

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