Monday, 7 September 2015

Super simple baby play

Sometimes I love the preparation and the planning but other times I want an activity that is different enough to instantly engage the kids but is so simple that it basically has no set-up needed.

Here are 2 things we've done recently. I originally did them for Iz but (as per usual!) D ended up playing with them long after Iz moved on... Lol.

Muffin Cake tray and sorting balls

Yep that's all you need. Iz took the balls out, put them back in and threw them around a bit. D colour sorted them (loved his "oooooh no THAT's not right!" when he put a blue one in the yellow line), worked out how to slot them in the gaps when the tin was upside down and had fun balancing the balls and then blowing them off. They even played nicely together :)


Pringles tube and straws/lolly sticks

Love this (any excuse to eat Pringles...). Get an empty Pringles can, wash it out carefully and cut a small hole in the lid (top tip - if you don't want the plastic to split as you cut it, cover it with sellotape first - thanks Mr MFDS!). Then collect an assortment of straws and coloured craft sticks and let your baby go posting-crazy. If your little one is older (and doesn't eat everything!) you could make it more challenging by using buttons or pieces of Lego etc. I love her proud little face!

D sneaking a quiet go on his own when Iz wasn't looking...

Both kids LOVED this way more than I imagined! Since I made it they have played with it every single day, usually on several different occasions. It's proved invaluable for distracting Iz when we're helping D with the potty and D played with it for 30 minutes straight the other day!! If I'd known how much they were going to like it I would've made it ages ago!

D said "I'm teaching Iz how to do it" - awww!

It also makes a nice shaker when full of straws/sticks!

You can even jazz it up a little by putting a light inside the tube (I used a battery operated tea light) - lends a whole new dimension (and fascination!) to the play :)

Have you done any simple play/no-prep activities with your kids recently?

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