Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Sensory bottles

We've made quite a few sensory bottles but these two are by far my (and the kids!) favourites...

Floating Lego man

Squeeze a bottle of glitter glue into an empty water bottle (I got ours from Amazon) and fill with warm water. Add some extra glitter and add a Lego man of your choice (beware that you may be limited by the size of the bottle opening though - we had to use an astronaut as lots of our other ones wouldn't fit!). Top up to the top and glue the lid on tight. Shake the bottle up and watch as the glitter slowly clears from around your Lego man :)

Galaxy bottle

Fill a bottle with water and add a small jar of Barry M dazzle dust (other loose eyeshadows would probably work equally well, that's just what I used!). Glue the lid on and that's it. Shake it, swirl it, sooooo pretty. Photos definitely don't do it justice. It's completely mesmerising in real life (there is a video of it on my Facebook page)!


Have you ever made any sensory bottles? We always love hearing new ideas :)

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