Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chocolate monster biscuits

I saw a screenshot of something similar on Facebook and thought they looked awesome but unfortunately it didn't link back to the original post. So I winged it and this is the method I came up with...

Some "sandwich-style" cookies
Coloured candy melts (or regular chocolate to melt)
White chocolate
Candy eyes
Cake pop sticks

1. Take one half of the biscuit off, remove a little bit of the filling and put the cake pop stick in place
2. Melt your chocolate or candy melts 
3. Put a little bit of chocolate on the other half of the biscuit and use that to "glue" the sandwich back together
4. Coat one half of the sandwich in chocolate
5. Leave to set (I put mine in the fridge for 15 minutes)
6. Coat the other side and around the edges and add 2 (or 3,4,5 however many you want!) candy eyes
7. Leave to set again
8. Melt some white chocolate, add to a piping bag, snip off the tip and add the white lines

The original ones I saw used all white chocolate so looked more like mummies. I decided to use coloured candy melts for mine to fit in with the rest of D's monster theme and think they turned out pretty cute :)

Getting birthday treats ready to take to nursery :)

You can read about the other things I made for his 3rd birthday here:

When I get round to it I'll blog about his "hidden 3" cake too :)

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