Thursday, 25 February 2016

New Year's Eve

So New Year's Eve is now pretty much a distant memory but I wanted to share how we celebrated it as they'd be pretty cool for any celebration - I'm definitely going to adopt some for birthdays in the future!


Instead of a martini, have a sprinkle-tini! These look really cute and the kids loved having their own "special drink". 

Propping up the bar...

All you need is a glass (we used plastic cocktail ones from Poundland), some honey and sprinkles. I wiped a bit of honey around the upper outer rim of the glass and then rolled it in a plate of sprinkles. Leave it to dry for an hour and then add the the drink of choice. Perfect!

I especially loved it when they cheers'd each other :) I initially saw the idea here - check out the link for other nice ideas for child-friendly NYE ideas.

Balloon drop

This was so much fun and will definitely be repeated!! 

All you need is:
2 large pieces of light material (I used tulle as I had some at home - planning to make some skirts for Iz but not quite found the time yet!)
Masking tape
Confetti (I used pompoms and foam shapes)
Balloons (lots of!)
A balloon pump (optional but very handy if you have one)

Then it is as simple as:
- lie the 2 pieces of fabric on the floor and tape them together, just on one side, long edge to long edge
- make a long "tail" of masking tape at one end by looping the tape over itself
- then tape the three sides of the "combined piece" to the ceiling, leaving the fourth side open so you can fill the pouch with balloons/confetti/pompoms
- once it is filled tape up the 4th side so only the tail is left hNging down
- gather your children underneath and instruct a willing volunteer to pull on the tape tail...

Ready for action...

Tada! Homemade balloon drop!! SO much fun and just using things you have around the house :)

Both kids had loads of fun playing with the balloons and pompoms all afternoon. And added bonus - all of it is reusable. Just peel off the masking tape and your fabric is good as new :)

Fireworks painting

What's not to love about loo rolls? They are free, you always have a supply and they are an awesome painting tool!

For this super simple fireworks painting I just cut into the top of a couple and put one in different bowls of paint.

Iz just went for a massive free-for-all whereas D really carefully did one colour and then put another one inside, colour co-ordinating each one so there were matching pairs. 

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