Sunday, 28 February 2016

Valentine's crafting

I'm pretty proud of myself that I'm managing to blog this one in the same month as the holiday ;) - unlike my New Year's Eve post!

We did a couple of crafty things for Valentine's Day. We were going to do a few more but time ran away from us. The kids had lots of fun with these though.

Heart pictures

Another loo roll craft :) (you can read about our loo roll fireworks here). This time I folded them into heart shapes and secured the shape with a bit of tape. I made 3 and put out 3 bowls of different coloured paint and away the kids went...

Izzy kept saying "more more" and she was like a painting machine! D had a lovely methodical approach whereas Iz (as usual!) embraced chaos :) 


Next year I might cut heart-shapes out if these pictures to make collage cards but for now I can't bear to cut into any of their artwork!!

Heart frame

Iz did this one in her own while D was away having a boys weekend). It was very simple but had a few different elements so she got to have fun with a couple of different crafting mediums.

What you need:
Paper plate
Red or pink paint
Fake petals (we got a large tub from Poundland)

1. Cut a heart-shapes hole out of the plate
2. Paint the plate with coloured paint and leave to dry
3. Using glue, stick on some petals
4. Once it's dry use it to pose cutely behind :)


Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day with your kids?

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