Saturday, 14 May 2016

Rainbow bubbles

I first saw a similar idea on Fun At Home With Kids (an awesome blog) and just knew we had to try it. It basically combines my two most favourite things - bubbles and rainbows... And on top of that the kids get clean. What's not to love?! 

What you need:
Washing up liquid
Liquid watercolours (or food colouring but this might stain clothes so beware!)
An electric mixer (the faster the better!)

How to make it:
1. Mix 2 tablespoons of washing up liquid and about 50ml water in a bowl (might need to alter water punt depending on hardness of water)
2. Add a few drops of liquid watercolour
3. Mix on highest speed with electric mixer for a few minutes until all the liquid has become foam
4. Scoop out into container
5. Repeat with different colours as desired

Almost looks good enough to eat!
She was so excited when she first saw it
It probably took me about 20 minutes to make this and that's mainly because we have a rubbish mixer that does not mix very fast!!

Iz loved exploring the foam, clapping her hands in it, watching her fingers disappear, mixing the colours up with a spoon and then giving some of her animals a bath afterwards :)

We've also done a variation on it where I tilted the tray and left the bubbles for an hour to settle. This results in much finer bubbles (rather than foam) which I then scooped out and put in another tray. Iz then did bubble prints using kitchen roll and enjoyed feeling the different texture. 


Let me know if you try it - other variations you could try are just dark blue/purple bubbles with glitter (outer space/galaxy sensory bin) or green and blue bubbles with some plastic animals (Land and sea sensory bin) - super simple but super fun!

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