Sunday, 9 October 2016

Bubble wrap stomp

One plus side of moving house is the sheer amount of bubblewrap floating around at the moment...

So inspired by a photo someone shared on Facebook a while ago we decided to make bubblewrap shoes and get painting :)

Both kids really enjoyed this although Iz (the lover of all thing messy!) was engaged with the activity for about twice as long as D.

I laid 2 long tracks of paper out over some foam mats in the garden and taped them together. I wrapped bubblewrap around their feet and secured with a bit of tape - very simple!


The paint was on some flat plates and although to start with we painted the bottom of their feet it soon degenerated into Iz standing in the paint plates and paint going everywhere!


After Iz was done mess-making, D then spent a while reviewing their artwork with a magnifying glass :)

A few tips...
- have something under your paper (we used those coloured foam mats that are sold everywhere but you could equally use a tarpaulin or table cloth). If a lot of paint is used then the paper may tear and you don't necessarily want super colourful grass...
- a thick layer of pain on paper gets very slippery so be on hand to catch your toddler when they start sliding all over the place. We had a "no running" rule and Iz only slipped once
- have a tupperware of water or baby wipes for clean up very close at hand for afterwards!! (I didn't and so ended up carrying Iz up to the bath...)

The final piece in all it's glory!

Enjoy the mess :)

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