Thursday, 13 October 2016

Candy number cake

I made this cake for Iz's second birthday and although very simple to make, it was really visually striking and I got so many nice comments about it :)

How to make it:

1. Make your number cake in whatever style you want - I did a chocolate cake and used a "2" cake tin (although check out Pinterest for loads of ideas on how to create numbers from round cakes if you don't have the right number pan)

2. Cover the cake with a thick layer of icing

3. Buy a lot of M&Ms or Smarties - I bought 6 multipacks and actually had way too many at the end. Separate out the colours - this takes much longer than you think!  

4. Add your M&Ms - you can use any pattern you like. I'd seen a cake where the lines went horizontally across but I wanted a slightly different look so went with a more diagonal approach, starting at the centre and then working my way out from there. I carried the colours over the edges and just kept the pattern consistent, which meant the lines curved nicely

Ideally do this just before the party as I made it the day before and got some fading of colour on some of the candies (see below).

I had been storing the cake in the fridge and some articles on the internet said the change in temperature could make that happen. So I kept it at room temperature. And it still happened, and maybe a bit more quickly. So I just put the cake back in the fridge and then on the morning of the party used clean tweezers to remove the most discoloured sweets and replaced them with new ones (luckily I hadn't eaten the leftover extras in the meantime!!)

5. Add some candles and show your super impressed birthday child :)

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