Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dispelling myths 3

There is no such thing as "just" a cold in babies. Babies are obligate nose breathers and don't understand to open their mouths if they have a blocked nose. Doof had a cold last week and it was so sad listening to him snuffling and struggling to breathe through all the snot.

A blocked nose to an adult is an easily solved problem - blow your nose or sniff hard. To a baby it represents:
- disturbed breathing
- disturbed feeding
- disturbed sleeping
And last but not least...
- disturbed parents who also suffer from the disturbed sleep, being kept awake by the disturbed breathing and the frequent feeding...

Later I will write about the thing-I-thought-I-would-never-use-but-was-actually-really-useful-in-this-situation.


  1. Replies
    1. Exactly :) talked about it more in "Suprisingly excellent equipment" post - definitely bought me several extra minutes in bed (and every second counts when this sleep deprived! Lol)