Thursday, 7 March 2013

The downside of baby wearing...


We got our Ergobaby accessories this week - namely the rain cover and teething pads as still waiting for the backpack to arrive from the States.

I love our Ergo carrier, Doof loves our Ergo carrier. Since we got it 3 weeks ago we have used it everyday and I have never heard him cry in it - if he is over-tired and fussing beforehand I pop him in and then he happily watches the world go by before falling asleep. Perfect.

Anyway so back to the dribble... 

Doof is starting to teethe (I think - although as he's still breastfeeding I'm hoping teeth are a long way off...) so dribbles a lot. At the moment we are still using the heart2heart insert - I know lots of people don't like it but I love it. It's like a mini duvet which keeps him warm and in the right position. He is so snug in it that even when it's cold enough for me to wear a coat he is fine in just his babygro. Anyway, using the insert means his mouth doesn't reach the teething pads so he sucks on the insert instead. Imagine a soggy duvet. Yuck. 

So today I tucked a muslin around the insert thinking that would be better for him to suck on. I was surprised (but pleased) when instead of sucking he fell asleep straight away...  However when I arrived at our destination (luckily a coffee group of other mums) I unstrapped him only to find a large pool of drool all down my jumper. And sort of smeared around. Was that his way of telling me he didn't like the muslin? Hopefully this will not end up being a permanent switch and he will go back to sucking the insert tomorrow!

As an aside - I found this video super helpful when we first started using the Ergo and always use this method to put Doof in safely:

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