Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The start...

When I was pregnant everyone used to look at me enviously and say “you are so lucky that you’re a doctor as …[insert some variation of]… you’ll never worry about your child/will always know what to do”. I admit, I am lucky that there are lots of things that don’t phase me, such as handling a newborn or holding my baby for immunisations.

However there is a whole host of parenting skills that being a doctor does not prepare you for... And, to be honest, may even hinder you.

Over the last few months since “Doof” was born I have been slowly collating things I wish I had known when at work and have now decided to write them all down and share them with whoever wants to read. I have no doubt the list will get longer and longer as time goes on! So as well as sharing stuff I find interesting/important/entertaining, this is a record of all the things I wish I'd known before while working (but didn't!); think all paediatricians should be taught or on which I have radically changed my mind (very different when it's your own child!) and will do differently when back at work...

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