Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to make a Christmas Den in 4 easy steps (and for £4)

This is the thrid in my series of Christmas posts, after our Christmas traditions (see here) and our homemade glitter ornaments (see here). Sometimes the most fun is the simplest :)


1. Get a big cardboard box (thanks LoveKeepCreate for ours)

Just practising to assess for comfiness...

2. Go to Poundland

Embarrassingly we're regulars...

3. Assemble purchases

Sellotape red fairy lights around the top

Have some green fairy lights free-styling on the floor

Decorate with festive stickers
Maybe even yourself a little...

4. Add some books and cuddly animals

Just like home...

Throw in a cushion too if you haven't quite mastered sitting yet

Total cost = £4 (£2 for lights, £1 for batteries, £1 for stickers) 

And ready from conception to completion (including shopping trip!) in under 30 minutes...

Enjoy :)

PS not promising it'll work for you but the above den has rapidly become somewhere that the toddler goes for (self-imposed!) quiet time. He crawls in, turns the lights on and "reads" a book to himself. What more could we ask?! 

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