Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What Doofy loved - October 2014

[These posts are a bit late, but better late than never and I think they make a lovely summary of the month...]  

Here is what Doofy loved this month…

1 - First visit to Legoland
2 - Baking dinosaur cookies
3 - Meeting his shadow
4 - Turning 2!
5 - Eating muffins as big as his head (we were in America...)
6 - Visiting the Crayola museum (if you're ever in Easton, PA it is a MUST visit)
7 - Exploring his first pumpkin patch
8 - Playing on the beach
You can see what his sister liked doing here :)
If you want to do your own "What baby/toddler loved" then link up with Rachel @dinkythinks - you can see her latest post here :)


  1. Oh what a big boy - 2! We have this coming up in December and I just cannot believe it! How did he find Legoland? We have that on our list for when Chiplet is a bit bigger!

    1. Exciting that Chiplet is nearly 2 - where has the time gone?! D loved legoland. There was a whole section of rides for toddlers as well as few others scattered around park. I think 2 is the perfect age to go for first visit - we'll definitely go back :)