Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bubble dragons

Sometimes it's nice to get elbow deep in craft supplies and hot glue... But other times it's nice to be able to through together an activity in less than 2 minutes. This is one we did a few days ago when we had that brief period of glorious sunshine :)

These are the simplest thing to make and are guaranteed to amuse your toddler for quite some time.

Empty plastic bottle
Rubber band/elastic hairband 
Bubble mix

Felt or card to decorate

If you've never made one before it literally takes 2 minutes.

1. Cut the end off the plastic bottle
2. Put the sock over the cut end (we used one of Iz's baby ones as then there was a lot less surplus material)
3. Secure it with a rubber band (I couldn't find any - typical when you want one! - so used a hair band)

And there you are - finished already!

We decided to decorate ours to make them into dragons. Even this step was super simple - I just cut some shapes out of sticky felt and let D choose where to stick them.

Then dip the sock end into your bubble mix and blow through the top - instant bubbles and no risk of your toddler accidentally ingesting them :)
Easy peasy

He loved the piles of bubbles

And enjoyed making bubble mountains

D also had fun smooshing the bubbles (he can make pretty much any activity into messy play!) 

And he loved playing bubble "cheers"

Even Iz tried to get in on the action :)

But was a bit too young to be able to blow her own yet...

A lovely simple activity that took a couple of minutes to set up and brought us a whole afternoon of fun!

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