Thursday, 23 April 2015

Easter crafts

I'm not sure who these bloggers are who manage to not only do all the seasonal crafts ahead of time but also write up their blogs before the holiday.... But anyway I am clearly not one of them, so here is my post about Easter crafts - 2 weeks after Easter! :)

Tape resist eggs

I got these flat ceramic "egg" shapes online and D had his first go at "tape resist" art. I cut out some shapes from plain white stickers and he stuck them on the egg. Then using the ceramic paints from our Elmer plate activity D got to work. 

The pens are quite difficult to squeeze and draw with at the same time so doing the dotty design really suited D. And when his attention spanned waned it was very therapeutic to do some myself :) 
On the other egg I squeezed small amounts of paint out and he then smooshed them around.

I'm not quite sure why this pic is upside down... but this is them halfway through :)

After the paint was dry I peeled off the stickers and we were left with these:

After baking them (to set the paint) we gave them a coating of clear glaze and I think they're pretty cute for our first attempt. 

Polystyrene eggs

This was a "filler" activity whilst I was cutting out the stickers above. I gave D some polystyrene eggs and some felt-tips. A completely child-led activity :)

Easter cards

We don't usually send Easter cards but D was given his first Easter egg as a present so we decided to make some more as a thank you card. And because I'm a bit obsessed with anything D makes we made an extra one for us to keep :)

First D did some finger and thumbprints in ink along the bottom of the card. Next I added little faces and details to turn them into chicks and rabbits. Lastly using our alphabet stampers he stamped "Happy Easter" and added some stars and hearts. I mounted them on a piece of card and there you go:


So there you go, 3 pretty quick and simple crafts but all fun.

And here's how we finished off the weekend:

An Easter egg hunt - love that he's still happy doing it with plastic eggs!

Chasing giant bubbles

And popping them...

Toddler-friendly egg and spoon races

Rabbit pancakes (courtesy of my talented sister-in-law!)
Hope you all had a lovely Easter too!

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