Saturday, 25 April 2015

DIY Giant Bubbles

I love weather like this - when we can be out in the garden having fun, and especially playing with bubbles... Who doesn't love bubbles?! 

So far this month we've:

Juggled with bubbles

 Caught bubbles 

Shot bubbles

Chased after giant bubbles


As well as, of course, regular "blowing bubbles"

But there's one thing I've always wanted to try since I saw a picture of it last year - encasing your child in a bubble. The dream huh?!

Anyway there are a few blog posts around about different recipes to use but all the ones I found were from America and all recommended either "Joy" or "Dawn" soap, neither of which we have here. And each recipe was slightly different. So when in doubt... Make up your own :)

Our recipe:

675ml (ie a bottle) of Cussons Morning Fresh - we chose this because it was in Poundland. Luckily it worked :)
5.4 litres of tap water
1/3 bottle of glycerin (what we had left from other projects)

Gently mix it all together (you *don't* want to make it bubbly and frothy), pour into a large paddling pool/tuff spot and recruit a willing child :)

First attempt

Getting better...

And better...

YAY!! A full body bubble!!

Woohoo success!

Getting bold now and trying two in a bubble ;)

Have a towel next to the paddling pool for the kids to step directly onto after getting out, unless you want soapy footprints all round your garden!

Iz was a bit jealous she wasn't allowed to play

Loop string around the hoop to increase the amount of surface area for the bubble mix to cling to

Here's one I made earlier...

Everyone says leave the mix for 24 hours before using to get best results. We were way too impatient for that and got pretty good results having left the mix for only an hour or two. We're going to leave it in the paddling pool overnight (covered) though and do more bubbles in the morning so will post an update after then :)

I have also read that distilled water can work better. We haven't tried that yet but plan to :)


Have you made giant bubbles? Or used a different recipe? I'd love to hear it :)

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