Sunday, 24 May 2015

Battle of the babies: top 10

Nature vs nurture? Here's a follow up to my original "A tale of two babies" post - how are they comparing now and who comes out on top?


Initially I thought this was going to be a Doofy win as he was a champ and within 3 weeks of starting weaning at 4+ months already had a more varied diet than us! Iz was definitely slower accepting the spoon but has always been happy to feed herself, and with SO much gusto, that I think this has to be a draw. 
Verdict: draw


Right from labour ward Iz was always going to win this one! Although winning this one means she does lose at another later category...
Verdict: Iz win by clear margin!


Oh how I long for the days of D teething again. A little bit of dentinox, very occasionally some nurofen, and he was as happy as Larry. Iz on the other hand... not so easily placated or satisfied!!
Verdict: Doofy win


Sssshhhh sleeping!
I don't even know where to start with this one! You can read about D's sleeplessness herehere and here. I've been too sleep-deprived to blog about Iz's! Lol. At the moment she's going through a "let's wake up for the day at 4am" phase. Not sure if I prefer it to her "let's feed for 2 hours solid at 2am" stage or her "let's wake up every 30 minutes throughout the night" stage... Hmmm I wonder what will be next?!
Verdict: draw - they're both as bad as each other but in different ways!


This is a tricky one. Iz definitely has way more coughs/colds/temperatures than D did (poor younger sibling!!) but D had already had 2 hospital stays by 9 months.
Verdict: undetermined

Nursery settling

Nursery settling was hard with D. It was the first time for both of us and he hated it initially. Now he absolutely loves going though :) Iz on the other hand seemed to take to it like a duck to water. Few tears during the first 2 sessions and just happy giggles since.
Verdict: Iz win

Transition to formula

Tied in with the breastfeeding above - I think Iz's love of boob hindered her here as she was very reluctant to swap nice cosy snugly breastfeeds for a plastic tommee tippee cup! We're getting there slowly (it's only taken 3 months!).
Verdict: Doofy win


D took his time building up to crawling. A few days of planking followed by bottom in the air followed by attempts at commando crawling etc etc until eventually a "proper" crawl occurred. Iz just woke up one day, did a plank and then crawled in the afternoon. Not sure if it was to keep up with D or to escape from him tbh!
Verdict: Iz win

Car journeys
Don't be fooled - D did not do this often...

Living in London we don't do loads of car journeys but everyone says babies get lulled to sleep in the car so we thought it was a great plan to book a driving holiday from Vegas to LA when D was 5 months old... Fast forward to lunchtime on the first driving day - after nonstop screaming from Vegas to the Hoover Dam (and beyond!) we realised D was *not* a car fan! He's now ok as we've hooked up a DVD player in the back but Iz has always been ok, ever since a baby. Phew.
Verdict: Iz win

Mummy love

Yes I know it's a complete stereotype but for my two it's definitely true. D is a real mummy's boy (and gives the best cuddles!) whilst Iz is a proper Daddy's girl (her arms flap so fast when he walks in the room she looks like she might take off!!).
Verdict: Doofy win


So there it is. Some they win, some they lose. Overall (luckily) their positive sides outweigh any not-quite-so-perfect parts ;)

What about your kids? If you have more than one how would they fare in a "Battle of the babies"?

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