Friday, 8 May 2015

Nuby bath toys - review

I've said before - we love bath toys! D and Iz have a bath every night and I think it's a really important step in the day-to-night wind down process for Iz especially. Saying that, bath times are definitely not always quiet and relaxing...

We were offered the chance to road test some of Nuby's products and given the choice of anything on their website (it was great - felt a bit like supermarket sweep. But from the comfort of my sofa. With no time pressure!) I naturally plumped for some bath toys as well as some sucky bowls and ice lolly moulds (review coming soon).

I love Nuby stuff - D's favourite weaning cup was from Nuby (you can read about how we managed to avoid bottles completely here). This is what we thought of the bath toys:

Octopus Floating Bath Toy (currently on sale at £3.74)

My first thought was 'cute'. My OH's was 'why does an octopus only have 6 legs?!'. Fair point. And now having seen the Penguins of Madagascar movie I can't stop thinking he looks just like the evil villain! Anyway I digress slightly...

He floats well in the bath and comes with 3 different shapes you can hook onto his legs (D also had fun putting them on his toes!). It's a shame they aren't slightly larger as then you could play proper ring toss with them and it would also be nice if there were more of them (maybe 6 - one for each leg?) but Iz says they make great teething rings ;) It is still a nice toy that's easily big enough for siblings to charge in the bath (definite bonus!) though.

Kissy Fishy Bath Toy (currently on sale at £5.62)

I think this is a cute but simple idea but oh how much both D and Iz loved this! There are two fish on a string, facing each other. If you pull them apart they then "swim" back towards each other to end with a lip-locking smooch.

D LOVED these. He'd pull them apart, watch them kiss, pull them apart again, watch them kiss again... etc until it was time to get out of the bath. He even had a mini language explosion forming new sentences like:
"Iz hold on"
"Hold on tight"
"Look, kissing now"
To be honest I was surprised at just how much he's enjoyed playing with them - but he really has!

The only downside is the "moving" mechanism sometimes stops (especially if the fish are being held vertically - which obviously happens quite often if being played with by a toddler!). If you give them a shake it then starts again but it just makes me wonder what the shelf life of the toy will be... which is a shame as it has been such a source of amusement and fun so far. Anyway time will tell and hopefully I'm wrong :)


If you like the sound of either of these then check out their website. At the moment there is 25% off all their bath toys (see here) - bargaintastic!

They also kindly sent me their "Garden Fresh Fruitsicles" and "Stackable suction bowls with lids" - review coming soon...


  1. Ooh I think I'll get the six legged octopus! My son is going through a phase of hating the bath so maybe this will help

    1. Oh no (about hating baths)! We're lucky that our 2 have always loved them and it's just an extension of playtime. Hope the octopus helps! Even if he does only have 6 legs ;) my toddler also loves painting in the bath so if the octopus can't tempt him in maybe try that...