Saturday, 23 May 2015

Hand/Footprint art

I LOVE anything that involves hand/footprints - I'm a complete sucker for those little chubby hands and cute squidgy fingers :)

I've been meaning to post this for a while but then we kept doing more art using hands/feet/fingers... Anyway here is the lowdown on what we've done so far:

These were the first things I did with D when he was little. We went to a pottery cafe and they helped me do his prints. I got a bit carried away and made about 5 plates but they were perfect presents for grandparents (and mementos for us!) :)
Look how tiny his hand is compared to mine!

Reindeer/santa cards
These were from D's first Christmas - I think they turned out pretty well as I did them by myself with him (getting handprints especially is always easier with someone else helping!! Lol)

Christmas tree cards
Iz's first Christmas card - I tried several arrangements of the sticker "baubles" and definitely preferred the random arrangement. You can read more about how we made them (and the tinsel one below) here.

Tinsel canvas
I love this - the top string is made up of Iz's thumb prints (it was way too difficult to try and get fingerprints from her!) and the bottom line is D's fingerprints. He had great fun doing this as he loved choosing which colour was coming next and doing a random pattern of dots. I think it's really cute having their different sizes side-by-side.

Butterfly prints
The top ones were from Iz's feet when she was 4 weeks old. I used a rainbow stamp pad, inked her feet and them stamped them on some plain paper. Once they were dry I then cut them out and made cards. The bottom picture is from D and he had lots of fun helping me paint his foot with lots of different colours and then standing on the canvas. The antennae are thumbprints :)

Heart thumbprints
We made these with Iz and D just before Valentine's day this year - you can read the full post here.

Flower card

Foot Magnets 
We made these using the same rainbow ink pad as above but stamped the impressions onto a magnetic sheet. Once dry I just cut out the footprints, annotated them and put them on the fridge :)

Thing 1 & 2 prints

Sibling hand casts
I think this is my favourite handprint make we've done to date. Just too cute. You can read about how we made it here - very easy and a lovely way to preserve just how small their hands were forever.

Easter cards
D made these this year. Just his thumbprints in stamping ink and then accessorised by me (more detailed post here). When he's older he'll be able to do that bit himself - can't wait to see what he creates :)

Our next projects include ghosts and fish :)


Have you done any footprint or handprint art with your kids? What have been your favourites?

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