Saturday, 22 August 2015

"It's funny what a year can do"

A year. That sounds so long but this last year has whizzed by. In one sense I can't remember a time without Iz around but in another it seems like yesterday we were racing to the hospital to avoid a hefty cleaning bill for Mr MFDS's car...

Since Iz was born I have taken a photo every week and another every month. Benefit of hindsight having not done it with D and wished I had.

So here they are, Iz's first year. We've loved watching her grow :)

The start

Halfway there...

Nearly there...


I love how these photos are a record of: her chubby phase (started in week 9), her always-sticking-tongue-out phase (on/off from 21 weeks but even more from 27 weeks!) and her won't-pose-demurely-by-the-blocks-anymore-without-a-distraction phase (from 31 weeks on - taking the photos was a *lot* trickier after that!)

I think my favourite pic is the 19 week one (dressed up all festive for her first Christmas). And the last one - I love how she whipped the cloth off from the blocks and looked so proud of herself!


Have you regularly recorded your baby's first year, or other firsts? How have you done it? You never know - I might need new ideas for baby number 3... ;)

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