Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Toddler Book Club - session 5 "Lost and Found"

I've recently started a "book club" for toddlers in our home (you can read more about how it works here - but the schedule has changed since!) and would love other bloggers to join in - so if you fancy reading the book and then doing a related activity (either what we do or something different), let me know. If you'd like to join in without blogging just leave a comment, or if you blog about it, give me your URL and I'll update the post to include your link :)

Here's a link to our first two sessions:
Elmer by David McKee
The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss



This is another book by Oliver Jeffers - I just adore the simple but sweet storylines and the lovely illustrations. They are a big hit with D too and even better Iz can also flick through the books on her own as the pages are thick card and so un-rippable!!

"Lost and Found" is about a small boy who finds a lost penguin and tries to help him find his way home. They have lots of adventures but in the end realise home is where your friends are. How sweet is that?!

Snack: Penguins galore!
There are so many cute penguin snacks so we couldn't settle on just one! We made penguin sandwiches using pastry cutters, toast penguins with cream cheese and blueberries and lastly penguin Babybels :)

They all took only seconds to make and D was so excited by both making and eating them! Iz was also fascinated and I think she's now at an age where she notices when things are presented in a different way or look unusual.

Activity 1: Penguin footprints
Yep I'm a sucker for another footprint craft. We made footprint Penguins and how cute are they?!

I painted D's foot black and white and we did his picture first. With Iz's (definitely a little more challenging!) I just painted her foot black and then added the white to the paper later. For the wings I just painted their thumbs and did thumbprints. Then when the paint was dry I just used a sharpie to add the eyes and a little bit of orange paint for the beak. Super simple and super cute!

Activity 2: Arctic gloop
I froze some water and blue food colouring in penguin shapes and made some white Oobleck (see here for the recipe). This was Iz's first experience of Oobleck but she was fascinated! First they put the penguins into the 'arctic gloop', watched as the blue colour slowly leaked out into the white surroundings and then spent ages putting the penguins in and out of a smaller box. D was mainly putting them in whilst Iz kept taking them out... Lol. There was also the obligatory tasting - that's why all our play at the moment has to be taste-safe!!



How did it work?

We had lots of fun with this theme - D has always loved watching penguins at the zoo so it was nice to do a few activities around them. There's a few more ice-related activities we've got planned so I'll blog about those as we do them :)


At our next book club we're reading "The Hungry Caterpillar". If you've done any penguin or ice-related activities I'd love to hear below. Or if you're planning to join in next time it'd also be great to hear from you :)

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