Saturday, 14 November 2015

Games to play with a spiders web

So we made this spiders web out of tape for Halloween but have kept it up since and used it for lots of different games. Here are a few ideas in case you want to make one of your own:

1. Balancing on the web

This was what I originally set it up for after seeing a picture (albeit of a much older child!!) of it being used like a balance beam. D sort of maybe understood the concept but his balance was definitely not good enough yet and the floor was too tempting to walk on!

2. Avoid the web!

This was much easier for D to both understand and play. We said the blue web was sticky and he mustn't touch it, so he had to do big steps over it to get from place to place

3. Animal treasure hunt

I combined this with both of the above games, placing animals either at intersection of tape or in gaps between and he had to try to collect them all and transport them to the pot at the finish line (marked with a star) without touching the wrong bits. Iz joined in with this but really didn't grasp any of the concept except collecting the animals! Lol

4. Animal maze

My husband thought of this game and D really enjoyed it. After placing lots of animals at tape intersections D would then have to move an animal from one side of the maze to the other, moving only along the lines but without touching any of the other animals. This was very good for his mental reasoning/problem-solving as he had to think a couple of steps ahead to work out which path the animal should take.

All pretty simple ideas but anything that keeps the kids entertained gets a thumbs up from me! I also love that you don't need any extra toys/equipment for this - you can just use whatever space you have available. Our spider's web is going to be staying up for several weeks :)

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