Sunday, 1 November 2015

Science jars

Following on from how much ad enjoyed our rain cloud glasses I've been on the lookout for other similar activities. Here are 3 others that D's enjoyed recently :)

Snowstorm in a glass

We followed the instructions on Growing a jeweled rose. First we filled the glass 3/4 with baby oil and diluted some white paint with warm water. D then pipetted the white mixture into the glass, added some glitter and once the snow settled added a quarter of an Alka Seltzer. This was so simple but so pretty to watch. D was mesmerised and kept adding more tablets as soon as one "storm" finished!

Watching the snow fall
The storm is nearly over...

Fireworks in a glass

This one is even more simple - you just need to fill the glass with warm water and in a separate glass (we used disposable shot glasses) add a drop of food colouring to a spoonful of oil. Mix the colour drop so it separates into lots of tiny drops and then pour into the large glass. Start with the lighter colours (eg orange/red) and do the darkest ones (eg purple) last - you can see why from the bottom pic below!

The first colour

The second

A few more...

After adding a dark colour! Lol

DIY lava lamp

I loved this one - I think it's my favourite - although D was a bit non-plussed and preferred the snowstorm one. This one is great though because you can do it in a bottle with a lid and then keep it for ages (ours is still going strong 10 days later) - definite bonus! Puts actually even worked better *after* the first day! Anyway to make it half fill the bottle with water and half full with vegetable oil. Add a few drops of food colouring and wait for it to get to the water later. Then add a quarter of an Alka Seltzer... pretty pretty pretty!

Pure concentration!

Patiently waiting for it to settle...

Adding the Alka Seltzer...

Yay! Bubbly fun :)


Have you done any "glass" experiments? Or got any ideas? Let me know as we love doing them!

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