Monday, 26 October 2015

9 creative things to do with a Pringles tube

Does anyone else like Pringles as much as me? If so you're bound to have a couple of cans lying around - no need to throw them away, look what you can do with them...

1. Glue suncatchers
All you need is some glue, colours and a Pringles lid. See here for full instructions.


2. A straw dropbox
For time spent making to time kept entertaining child, this has to be one of my best ever makes. Months later it is *still* played with most days! See here for full instructions.

3. Mini golf
We tried this at Center Parcs earlier in the year and D struggled to grasp the concept. Now with his own versatile course in the back garden he can practice to his heart's content!

4. Learning about sizes
D collected a group of different sized balls, ranging from small table tennis balls to his largest football and then arranged them in size from smallest to largest by seeing which ones would fit inside the tube and which wouldn't. Pretty quickly he could judge without using the tube - it was a great introduction to comparing sizes.

5. Artwork storage
Keep all your kid's artwork crease free by washing out a Pringles tube and rolling them up inside.

6. Game of throw'n'toss
I taped 5 small tubs into one of our messy play trays, propped it up on an angle and gave D a collection of small balls. He grasped the concept very quickly and soon worked out the nearer he sat the easier it was!! Iz also loves this set-up (we still have it in play a month later) although she mainly uses it for storing her plastic ducks in...

7. Storing sensory play stuff (eg rainbow rice, coloured pasta)
We've got large tubs to store most of our sensory ingredients in but sometimes it's nice to not be overwhelmed by large quantities of "stuff". The small tubs are the perfect size for activities like this where D was making bracelets by threading coloured pasta onto pipecleaners.

8. Homemade stilts
Remember these from your childhood?! D is still a bit young (ie uncoordinated!) to walk properly on them but he had lots of fun balancing on them :)

9. Pen pot
Leave your mugs free for coffee and use a small Pringles tub instead :)


Do you have any other good uses? We seem to have a never-ending supply of empty tubes here!!

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