Thursday, 29 October 2015

DIY Toddler Glow Stickman

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume? Or just something that looks awesomely cool in the dark on any night of the year? Look no further...

We saw an awesome video called "Glowy Zoey" last year and instantly knew we wanted to have a costume like that. However we didn't fancy spending upwards of £30 on a costume so instead made our own for less than £1.50!

What you need:

- glowsticks (I bought a pack of 20 from Poundland. Not all of them worked but at 20 for £1 I just discarded the few that didn't)
- clear tape (I used clear duct tape but you could also use sellotape)
- some of your child's clothes, including a hat or hooded top

How to make it:

1. Lay the clothes out on the floor
2. Work out how many glowsticks your child will "fit" (D had 3 for his face, 6 on his top and 5 on his trousers. Iz had 2 for her face, 4 on her top and 3 on her trousers)
3. Crack the glowsticks before putting them on the clothes (definitely recommend doing it this way round so you can discard any that don't work/glow strongly)
4. Tape the lit sticks in position on the top and trousers (avoid taping over joints as otherwise they'll just come loose as soon as they move their arms/legs)
5. Make a circle with 2-3 glowsticks (the packets usually have adaptors inside them for this purpose) and tape to either a hat or the hood of their top
6. Dress them carefully
7. Find a dark place and go crazy!!!!!!

D's first costume

Iz's first costume

We had so much fun with it we then did it another time all over again :) this time we also cracked a few more and had fun writing words and "drawing" pictures on the grass - D loved this bit and I'm definitely going to let him do this again during these dark evenings. Such a simple way to entertain him but to him it was the best activity ever!

D's second costume

Iz's second costume

We also made a glow-in-the-dark tutu (saw the idea here on Meri Cherry's blog) which Iz found lots of fun but isn't quite co-ordinated to do the whole spinning round thing yet. So we'll defintiely be making it again in a year or so when her co-ordination has improved!


Have you got a costume planned for your kids this year?

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