Sunday, 4 October 2015

Edible muddy worms

If you (or the kids) are in the mood for some (edible) messy play then you can't go far wrong with these muddy messy worms...

What do you need:

- cooked spaghetti (D coloured ours pink with some food gel colouring)
- edible "mud" (recipe below)
- water

Put the "worms" and "mud" in a large tray, add water to some squeezy bottles and step back away from the soon-to-be mess!

D especially loved squeezing the bottles of water into the mud whilst Iz stirred everything together to make totally gloopy sloopy soupy mess...

When I first set this up I was thinking more about how D would play with it, envisioning him digging the worms out of the mud, fine motor practice with tweezers, counting worms etc. What I hadn't banked on was that Iz just fully embraced the mud, quickly climbed into the tub, got mess everywhere and completely took over the whole activity!

The mud was surprisingly tasty too, and although I wouldn't encourage them to eat lots, it was perfectly safe for them to try. Even my husband commented on how nice it was! This is definitely one activity I would recommend running the bath for *before* you start - look how dirty Iz turned her water!

Cocoa cloud dough (aka "edible mud")

Mix 6 cups of flour and 2 cups of cocoa together in a large bowl. Then add 1 cup of vegetable oil and mix well. You can add more or less oil depending on the consistency you want. That's it - edible mud which you can either play with like cloud dough (it will hold together if moulded) or you can add extra water to make sloppy mud (like we did above).


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