Sunday, 11 October 2015

You know you're a paeds doctor when...

1.  You could recite the names of all Peppa's family and friends, long before you ever had kids of your own

2.  Half your patients are healthier than the child you packed off to nursery this morning

3.  Your photo on your ID badge has a sticker of a minion obliterating your face

4.  Your bathroom cupboard resembles the pharmacy aisle in Sainsburys

5.  But your other half is thoroughly confused why you never follow any generic dosing instructions

6.  You've seen more babies being born in one neonatal job than anyone needs to in a lifetime (why are resuscitaires *always* at the business end?!)

7.  You think tongue tie is mostly a figment of over-tired over-stressed over-anxious first time mums and over-zealous midwives. Until you have your own child with it. And then you become a complete convert.

8.  You are a swaddling pro

9.  You dread people at baby group finding out what you do

10.  Your kid has to have at least biphasic stridor with their croup before you'd think about going to A&E
11.  But when you end up going you know it's not going to be a short stay...

12.  You can happily call your own child "baby" for weeks because you're so used to using that as a generic name. (I still don't think the grandparents have got over the fact it took us 6 weeks to name D...)

But you wouldn't change your job for the world :)

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