Sunday, 4 January 2015

Fairy light fun

Aka simple sensory play for babies (or toddlers!)

I saw something similar on twitter last week and knew we had to try it - especially as we've just taken the Christmas tree down so the fairy lights are free :)

Very simple set up - you just need a cardboard box (one bigger than ours would be better but this was the only one we had in the house), a long string of fairy lights and some scissors/screwdriver (to make holes in top of box.

Nearly finished...

End result :)

Iz loved it. I started by just placing her near the entrance so she could choose whether to engage or not. She quickly rolls towards it and them couldn't stop staring at the lights. I only let her stay there for a few minutes as didn't want to over-stimulate her but she was fascinated. We'll definitely be using it a lot over the next few weeks as she's just starting to learn how to explore the world around her at the moment.

Checking it out from the entrance

Getting up close and personal

She was fascinated

She looks a bit sad because she's got a vomiting bug (hence the towel on the floor!)

And if I manage to find a bigger box then even better as then Doof will be able to join in. A good excuse for online sale shopping?! ;)


  1. Love this and yes definitely a brilliant excuse for hitting the sales :)

    1. Hehe that's what I thought ;) online shopping here we come...!