Thursday, 8 January 2015

Simplest playdough ever?

I wanted to make some no-cook playdough with D last week but every recipe needed cream of tartar and after my local Sainsburys could only offer me tartare sauce (hmmm not *quite* the same!) I was beginning to despair... Until I found this blog and read their recipe.

Washing up liquid

Really?! I was a bit dubious but wow it really works!!

Mix the flour and fairy liquid

Squidge it all together
Then just use like regular playdough

Lots of fun naming the shapes and chatting about the colours

Could it be any simpler?!

D had loads of fun playing with it and at the end of the afternoon I put it in a Tupperware box - it then stayed "fresh" enough to use for the next week. 

Perfect afternoon activity with a toddler :)

Do you have any similarly easy makes?

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