Saturday, 10 January 2015

Second birthday cake smash

So if you thought cake smashes were just for first birthdays you were wrong. And if you have no idea what a cake smash is then read here. And if you're planning your own DIY one at home then you can read more tips here.

But back to D's second birthday one.

We had so much fun planning and doing his first birthday one that I always knew I wanted to repeat it the next year. He was also super dainty last year, having never really seen cake or icing before, so I thought this year he might get more stuck in. 

So here is a quick run down of what we did/used, with some pictures at the end :)

The day

Similar to last time we didn't do this on his birthday (we were actually in the States then) but did it the weekend after we got back. He loved the excuse for another day of cake!

The setting

I used exactly the same setup and location as last year. We don't have many choices in our house so thought I'd stick with what I knew worked. Again the lighting wasn't perfect but we have to work with what we've got and that was the best possible.

The cake

I made another multi-coloured cake but left out the purple as I thought I might after last year. This time it was lovely as D even helped bake the cake :) 

I chose orange frosting so it would stand out a bit from the surrounding colours and topped it with 100s&1000s and different coloured stars. I meant to put some whipped cream and blueberries (D's favourite) around the edge but completely forgot :(

The outfit

D wore a cute onesie with a "2" candle and flame above it. The design was from "Oh the places you'll go" by Dr Seuss which I absolutely love and it came from Jams and Bells on Etsy. I've got a discount code for their shop which lasts for the next 3 months - use MFDS15 to get you 15% off any of the items in the shop :)


We used a couple of different things. Firstly in the cake - we had a sparkler fountain to start with which D was fascinated by. Then we got a "2" candle and lit it a few times so he could blow it out. Amazing how much changes in a year - at his first cake smash there was no way he could even attempt to blow out a candle. Nor could he shout "more cake!" either but that's another story ;)

We also gave D a big spoon at one point when the cake wasn't breaking up as easily as he wanted. He then had great fun sticking it in the cake and being fed from it!


And lastly (but definitely not least!) we bought an illuminated "J" (you may have guessed D's real name is not Doof!) from The White Bulb. It's battery powered and really light - perfect for so many photo opportunities, including birthday parties and cake smashes!! I love D's one (as did he) and am getting Iz one too. And if you use the code TWB2015 you can get 10% off all orders through their website during January :)

The end result

D definitely got more stuck in this time and enjoyed exploring the cake textures and colours. He didn't eat very much of it, which was surprising as if you offer him cake any other time he'll bite your hand off, but it must be quite a surreal situation to be suddenly given a whole cake when normally you're not even allowed sweet puddings at nursery!!



I'm really looking forward to Iz's first smash in August and have already got a decoration for the top of her cake:

And one year I might get them to do a joint smash - I think that would be super cute :)


Have you ever done a cake smash or are you planning one? I'd love to hear about it - especially as I'm now planning Iz's first birthday one so am always looking out for new ideas :)

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