Monday, 5 January 2015

Snowmen cupcakes

So here it is, the last in my "Christmas series" of blog posts. All the previous ones are tagged so you can find them all by clicking on the “Christmas” tag at the bottom.

We had a second ‘Christmas lunch’ on the 30th with all my family so Doof and I decided to make some snowman cupcakes to take with us.

These were very simple to make but be prepared to get a bit messy if doing it with a toddler!

What you need:
- fairy cakes
- marzipan
- small silver balls/choc drops etc for decorating
- icing sugar frosting
- 'bootlaces'  

All ready to go...

Create small balls of marzipan and flatten off the bottoms. These will be the snowmen heads. Make up the icing sugar glaze (use milk instead of water to make it a bit thicker) and put a small amount on top of each cupcake. Put one marzipan ball on top of each cupcake and leave for a few minutes while the ball 'sets' in the glaze.

Once the heads are pretty secure cover the rest of the cupcake in icing and start decorating. We used silver balls for eyes, coloured chocolate mini beans for buttons and strawberry bootlaces for scarves :)

It's a very serious business, this decorating lark...

Very proud of his handiwork :)

Final snowmen. Pretty impressed at D's decorating tbh!

Off we go to lunch...


  1. These are so cute! I love marzipan and was wondering what to do with the block I have left over. Great tip about making the icing thicker with milk too. Never knew that!
    Thanks for linking up with #LittleChefs

    1. Thanks :) they weren't as neat as I'd have done them but D was so pleased to be in charge of decorating! It was very cute to watch and great to see his confidence in the kitchen grow every time we cook :)

  2. He has done a fantastic job on those!! They look great :) Well Done D!!

    1. Thanks - he was so proud afterwards and was so excited to take them to the party :)