Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ball yoghurt painting

This is the second in my "baby sensory play" series and is definitely messy! You can see my first post (ribbon play for babies) here.

When D was little I didn't realise how much messy play you could safely do with even small babies, but with Iz we are embracing it :)

I saw this post on House of Burke's blog about some painting her baby had done with a spiky ball and thought it was brilliant. I didn't want to let Iz loose with paints though as *everything* goes in her mouth at the moment... and I wanted her to have a bit more freedom than the highchair allows so we made some changes.

What do you mean, I can get messy?!

Such a sweetie, if a little yoghurty...

What we used:
- our tuffspot tray
- yoghurt paints (for recipe see below)
- selection of plastic balls (some spiky and some smooth)
- some paper
- an excited baby

She quickly embraced the rolling and explored different textures

And got the hang of dunking the balls in the paint

Hmmm didn't always get it right though...

Yay this is so fun!!!

Love her chubby fingers :)

Iz loved it. We even went back to it after her lunch as she enjoyed it so much. Such a simple set-up but lots of fun. We actually did this when D was at nursery so he didn't have the chance to join in but next time I'll do it when he is here too as think he'd have fun aswell and it'd be cute watching them paint together :)

Action pic!

Iz's masterpiece :)

Yoghurt paint recipe:

This is so simple, I can't believe I never made it with D. Just mix some yoghurt (we used Greek but you can use anything!) with some food colouring and there you have it - completely edible paint :)  obviously any pictures you make with this are not for keeping - it is more about the process rather than the finished result. Plenty of time for keeping artwork once they start at nursery and bring home loads each week! Lol. 

If you don't have any yoghurt (or your baby is dairy-free) you could also use baby purees in different colours


I'd love to hear if you try this with your little one :) or if you have any other messy play ideas for babies


  1. This is amazing. I feel unfaithful to me own babies but you have the cutest baby ever! Mine are a bit old for this now- we're at the bringing home piles of 'art' from pre-school stage but I will definitely remember this if my husband agrees to no. 3!!

    1. Awww thank you so much! She certainly has a lot of chubb to love ;) I'm going to try a variation with my toddler using normal paint and one of those "jittery" balls - think he'll have lots of fun watching the ball paint the paper by itself :) thank you for commenting x