Monday, 23 March 2015

How to make tummy time fun... and sociable

And get your baby to create their first masterpiece at the same time :)

To be honest having strict "tummy time" doesn't really happen here anymore as Iz can roll whichever way she wants but she definitely prefers sitting or lying on her back so I'm always looking for ways to make her enjoy being on her tummy more.

This play has a super simple set up. Just place a piece of paper in a ziplock bag, squirt in a few blobs of paint and tape it to the floor/mat/whatever - I used our tuff spot (although think it probably wasn't the comfiest surface for tummy time!). That's it :)

What's he doing?

Smooooosh the paint

Ooooo paint circles

Crikey, he's still going strong....

Iz and D both really enjoyed this activity. I loved how she watched to see what he was doing. And he had so much fun talking about the colours, mixing them together and then tracing different shapes in the paint (he's just learnt shape names in the last few weeks). I was actually surprised at how long this kept D's attention and he even went back to it twice more later in the afternoon.
Busy busy busy

Love watching them interact together

Stamping is just as fun
And at the end you can carefully peel back the plastic bag, let the paint dry and there you have it, your baby's first masterpiece!

So proud of Iz's first picture :)

It's not always easy for toddler and baby siblings to do exactly the same activity so I loved watching them side-by-side doing this. Have you got any ideas for play that could involve them both? I'd love to hear more suggestions :)


  1. That's tomorrow's activity planned and I have ziplock bags coming in the shopping delivery - how convenient! Just how I like crafts - fun but not messy. Great idea! I'd love one of those blues thingies you keep your children on, a great way to keep the house free of toddler hoof prints. I'm now wondering how I could encourage two children to sit on one all day...just think how tidy the house would be!
    My friend has two with a 8 month age gap and recommends for an activity for two to do together is a cheap ride on car with a push bar at the back - when ones cruising they can push the other on the car and switch over. That's at least half an hour taken up and a possible head injury too thrown into the mix.

    1. Oh wow. 8 months?! What a terrifying thought!! But like the car idea. I have a photo of me aged about 18 months being pushed around (probably way too fast) by my older brother... Not quite sure I trust D with Iz at speed yet though ;)
      And i LOVE our tuff spot. Definitely helps the toddler know where his boundaries are during messy activities. But is quite bulky so had to have it delivered with the husband wasn't at home!
      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Oh hang on it can't be an 8 month gap as that would defy the laws of biology unless prem and her second was a hug hunk of baby so definitely not prem. sigh, once again, my comments are showing signs of sleep deprivation!

    1. Ah but they are making me smile. And not feel so alone in my sleep-deprived state... ;)