Friday, 6 March 2015

Pound for a pound update

So I've been a bit quiet recently - manly cos I lost a few pounds and then went on holiday and instantly regained them. I completely blame these MASSIVE marshmallows at Center Parcs!

Yep that is a two pound coin being dwarfed by it!!!

But anyway a pound lost is still a pound lost so here are the charities that I donated to with my initial 3 pound loss :)

First Days
This charity collects preloved baby clothes, toys, equipment and furniture and redistributes them to families in need in the local area. It's easy to donate to them by texting (check out their home page for the number needed).

Although I have worked in lots of hospitals I have never worked at St George's. But I read Leigh Kendall's blog (see here) and so have read all about her lovely son Hugo. So when I was looking to donate and it was Hugo's first birthday, it made total sense to pick this charity. If you want to donate you can do it through Leigh's Justgiving page or through their website. 

This is am amazing charity which provide "home away from home" accommodation for families when their child is in hospital.Your child being in hospital is stressful enough but just imagine being hundreds of miles away from home, with nowhere to sleep, shower or even eat a bowl of cereal. I think this charity does something really special behind the scenes, allowing parents to have one less worry. You can donate online here and can even choose which house to donate to if you want to support a particular one.
Thank you @eghamum @leighkendall and @Louise331 for the ideas/suggestions :)
Anyway so I am now back from holiday and even more determined (that's what 4 days in your swimsuit does for you!)... I've got a few charities lined up for the next few pounds (thank you to people who've suggested so far) but I'm hoping (!!) to need a lot more suggestions so please leave some below and help incentivise me...

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