Friday, 20 March 2015

Music play

This is the third in my baby sensory play series - this is the noisy one :)

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Do you have a budding rockstar?

It also has the simplest set-up and you won't need to buy anything at all!

What you need:
- Collection of saucepans, plastic bowls, Tupperware containers
- Wooden spoon,metal spoon plus anything else you fancy 
- A baby

That's it. Surround your baby with your homemade drumset and you'll be amazed how long they stay playing for :)
Bang bang bang

Oooo this one makes even more noise!

Loving the whisk :)

It's me!!!


Have you made musical instruments with your little ones? That's our next plan - to make some homemade shakers and string instruments :) 

Who needs expensive toys like this?! (this was at our hairdressers!)

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