Friday, 6 March 2015

Ribbon play for babies

I've got so many blog posts I want to write but am struggling to find the time... But lately we've done some lovely sensory play with Iz, so I'm going to focus on that for now.

Iz has reached that golden age where she can sit up but not yet crawl or do the roll-roll-roll-roll (which I know will come with time). So she's pretty immobile whilst able to sit up to "play". This is a WONDERFUL age indeed :)

I saw this photo on Meri Cherry's blog and loved it. What a simple but cute idea. But sadly we never have boxes that size lying around the house. And even if one arrived, my other half would freak out if I tried to keep it! That's central London living for you... No space for big cardboard box play!

Meri Cherry's ribbon box

So here is our (much smaller!) London-style ribbon box...

Our ribbon box

Still cute. And a LOT easier to store/have in the house. And luckily babies aren't fussy so Iz still loves it :)

Happy baby :)

If you want to make your own follow these simple steps:

1. Cut up your cardboard box and procure a toddler

Not sure why he has a sticker on his nose...
2. Decorate as desired

He loves to "help" and be involved
3. Collect any ribbon scraps you have lying around

4. Make holes and secure the ribbons

Nearly ready...
5. Play :)

Play with it this way...
Or that way...
Or even in the more casual reclined position!

If you don't have any ribbon lying around then you can go on eBay and search "ribbon remnants/offcuts" and for around £2 you can get a mixed bag of over 25m of different ribbons.

Iz has just turned 6 months and really enjoyed reaching for the ribbons and pulling them towards her (and into her mouth!). Having different widths and textures on the ribbons added an extra dimension to her exploring, and the different colours helped keep her interest. She also loved it when I played Peekaboo behind the ribbon wall as she could still see my outline (nice for her as she hasn't yet developed object permanence!).


So there it is, simple ribbon play for babies. I'm going to write a series of posts on baby sensory and messy play but would also love to hear any activities you've tried with your little ones :)

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